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Feel Good Friday! Possibly The Loudest Corvette C8 [VIDEO]

SS717 Loudest C8 Video Cover

We all know that Corvettes like to make noise. From the thrumming C2 through to the barking, roaring C7, every generation’s engine and exhaust sound has been different.

For the 2020 Corvette C8, however, it’s on another level. The shorter pipes and the cross flow design lends the exhaust to pops, crackles, and rumbles that stir the soul.

Now, what would happen if you took that, but turned it up to 11? YouTuber Street Speed 717 has the answer.

(And I rarely if ever do this, but there is a volume warning for this video. It’s that loud. Also, a disclaimer, any views expressed by SS717 are his own in this video)

While we have had a couple of modified C8 exhausts featured on before, this one takes the prize.

After driving up to Soul Performance in Willow Grove, PA, and after a bit of shop chat, they start up the C8.

If you want to hear the bark and thunder that this exhaust produces, skip the video to 2 minutes and 21 seconds.

Loudest 2020 Corvette C8
New tips!

The fact that it echoes not only in the shop, but if you listen closely, back into the shop from the open bay door, speaks to how loud this exhaust is.

Then, once it’s at idle and they give it a tickle at 3 minutes in, it sounds like Thor himself has come from Valhalla and bellowed through the exhaust.

Even more impressive is that it’s fully street legal. It retains a full catalytic converter, with aftermarket catalytic converters. A lot of the mechanism of legality is explained over the next five minutes.

Loudest 2020 Corvette C8
Left: New performance cat. Right: Stock C8 sport cat

The rest of the video is still quality, as it goes over SS717 driving the car on the street, giving his impressions, and then having the factory OEM carbon fiber ground effects installed.

Loudest 2020 Corvette C8

Yet, that exhaust… until someone shares a video with us of a louder system, we think this is the loudest we’ve ever heard.