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Enthusiast Creates Canyon-Carving Off-Roading C6, Then Taunts Social Media

They took the first shot and called him crazy for cutting his fenders, but he gets the last laugh [Full Off-Roading Video Included!]

Meet Ryan from San Diego, a creative enthusiast who decided to transform his 2007 C6 into a California canyon-carving beast, then decided to have some fun with social media in the process. I’ve watched this character since last July when he first posted the beginning of his build, which meant cutting his beloved C6’s fenders. The Facebook response was so aggressive (with many bewildered he would disfigure a Corvette) that he decided to start taunting his fellow enthusiasts. Maturity debates aside, I will say I admire this guy’s tenacity and get-the-job-done mentality. And dare I say, he’s even inspiring.

Has he finally started to gain the respect and understanding of the Corvette Community?

The Before

Ryan’s C6 in April of 2023

The After

What birthed this idea? Quite simply, as Ryan explains in his recent video: “I decided that I wanted to go camping and go off-roading, and when there’s a will, there’s a way, so I made it work [big smirk]…”

The Inspiration

This is “The Rally Fighter,” which, according to Ryan, was designed by a community of people online, using a Corvette engine and drivetrain. Ryan remembers “being much younger and seeing that car and being blown away, falling in love with it… and [I had] an opportunity to make my own backyard version…”

The Backyard Version In Progress

Here’s a quick summary of what it took to get there…

[More details in the feature video]

A Snapshot of the Taunting

[Ryan was comedically relentless!]


The Journey Hasn’t Been Without Some Setbacks

Well, did the respect and love come?

Ryan’s Parting Words

You have a dream… You have an idea… You were ballsy enough to go ahead and try it…”

Feature Video