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E-Ray Wins Over Manta Ray in GM Naming of Corvette Variant

Looks Like They're Going With the Wrong Choice

2020 C8 Corvette

Manta Ray Is Way Cooler

There is an electric hybrid Corvette coming out in the future. That car’s name has been discussed for quite some time. Pretty much since the rumors of the model type started. It now seems that GM will use E-Ray for the car. 

This is somewhat of a shame because GM had trademarked the name Manta Ray, and that name was said to be the one that GM would use for the hybrid Corvette. It would have been the Corvette Manta Ray. Sounds cool, right? Well, now, according to GM Authority, Chevrolet will use the name E-Ray instead.

The Corvette E-Ray will still be just as amazing as you expect, with a 6.2-liter V8 engine and an additional electric motor or two at the front of the car. However, the name won’t quite have the punch that Manta Ray would have. According to GM Authority, the company has abandoned plans to secure the rights to the name Manta Ray. Instead, it will continue to pursue the naming rights for E-Ray.

Manta Ray is a name that has some history. In the 1960s GM used the name Manta Ray on the second of the two Mako Shark II concepts. The car made its debut at the Paris Motor Show. This car never became a production vehicle, though the single example does exist in the GM Heritage Center Collection in Sterling Heights, Michigan.