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Electric All-Wheel-Drive Hybrid Corvette Could Come in 2023

The Vette of the Future

Corvette C8

Times are Changing

The C8 Corvette is already a revolutionary car for Chevrolet and for the Corvette brand as a whole. The switch from the engine up front to a mid-engine design is a big move, but now things could get really interesting.

According to, Chevrolet could put out an all-wheel-drive hybrid Corvette as early as 2023. The publication states that it has reviewed exclusive and validated documentation that indicates in 2023 or 2024 Chevrolet will roll out a hybrid Corvette with an all-wheel-drive system. It did not share this documentation with its readers, though.

The system will be called eAWD, and it will be available on Stingray and Convertible models. The eAWD will carry the RPO code of XFD for one model year before switching to XRD, according to the publication.

The idea is that the car will have one or two electric motors positioned in the front trunk area of the car that will provide electric power to the front wheels. This would mean that the V8 engine would likely provide power to the rear wheels. This will be no sedate hybrid, rather it will be a rabid supercar with an electrified front end.

The 2023 timeline is what the documentation states, but with COVID-19 and the various setbacks that manufacturers have experienced lately, there’s a good chance that if this information is accurate, it could get pushed out to 2024. Time will tell.