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1992 Corvette CERV IV Concept

1992 Chevrolet Corvette CERV IV Concept

CERV stands for Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle. The CERV IV was not actually a prototype or a concept car like the previous CERV’s were. In fact, CERV IV was nothing more than a C4 with the all new powertrain and interior in it. Read the commentary of a car magazine reporter: “We suspect that the first, very early prototypes of the all-new, Gen III ran on the dynos at GM Powertrain sometime in the early spring of 1993. In-vehicle testing began at the GM Milford Proving Ground in the first week in May of 1993 with the “Chevrolet Engineering and Research Vehicle IV-A” (CERV4a) powered by a prototype, of 5.0 liters and having an iron block and aluminum heads. Eight months later a second car, the CERV4b fitted with a 5.7L iron block/aluminum head Gen III, was added to the test program. Of the four CERV vehicles, CERV IV was the only one designed with a front-mounted engine.

1992 CERV IV a Concept

On December 1992, General Motors’ Corvette group secretly contracts with TDM, Inc. to build a test car of the 1997 Corvette, which was officially called CERV-4 (Corvette Engineering Research Vehicle). Corvette directed the project, with Chevrolet paying for it. General Motors management was not told about it, for fear of cancellation. It was unveiled by Corvette chief engineer Dave Hill on 1993-5-3 at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren. The build cost was about US$1.2 million. CERV IV was powered by a prototype, of 5.0 liters and had an iron block and aluminum heads.

1993 CERV IV b Concept

Eight months after the CERV IV was made, the CERV IV b was made. It was also a test mule vehicle for the upcoming 1997 Corvette It includes 5.7L LT-1 V8 engine, 6-speed manual transmission axle, 4-wheel disc brakes, front 255/45ZR17 and rear 285/40ZR17 tires on BBS basket wheels, side curtains, no side window glass, and a modified production interior. The vehicle was sold in 2009 Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction for $34,000 (before buyer premium). This car is currently on display in Effingham, IL at the MY Garage Museum owned by Michael and Blake Yager.