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Cleetus McFarland Drifts His 680HP C5 Corvette At The World’s Fastest Drive Thru

eBay Motors’ “Between 2 Rides” returns for another exciting season, pitting two cars against each other: one stock and one modified. The new season kicks off with host YouTuber Emelia Hartford and professional driver Cleetus McFarland, who brings his C5 Corvette, Donnie the Drift Car, to take on the world’s fastest drive-through at Willow Springs Racetrack.

In this episode, we witness Cleetus drifting both a stock C5 and his heavily modified version, comparing their performances. To up the ante, competitive eating champion Nick Wehry joins them, attempting to eat as much burger as possible while Cleetus pushes his Corvette to the limits.

Watch the video below for some amazing drifting action!