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Chevy Releases Another Teaser for the C8 Corvette

C8 Corvette

It’s Just Days Away Now

With the C8 Corvette’s debut set for this Thursday, we absolutely can’t wait for the reveal. It’s going to be such an exciting event. We will finally get to see the car in all its glory. While there have been many months of teasers, spy shots, and speculation, that’s about to come to an end. The C8 is coming. In the meantime, Chevy decided to share a teaser video for the car. It also confirmed the Stingray name for 2020.

This one is shot in black and white with Chevy posting the video to its Facebook Page with a simple title, “It’s almost time to reveal its true colors.” It’s a clever teaser in that the C8 Corvette and all of the historical footage are all in black and white with a few subtle exceptions. There are a few super-quick flashes of color, but they’re extremely quick.

This comes after Chevy released an image of the car’s steering wheel. We already knew what the steering wheel looked like due to the spy images out there, but it’s nice to have the confirmation. The same will be true of the C8’s exterior when it debuts. Between the renderings and the spy shots, we have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like, but we can’t wait to see official images and watch the premiere of the car.