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Chevrolet will Start Producing 2021 Corvettes on December 8

A Late Start

Dealers Have Been Updated

It’s now clear when exactly the Bowling Green Assembly Plant will begin production on 2021 Corvettes. Early this morning General Motors released updates to dealers that noted December 8 would be the date that 2021 Corvette production will begin, according to the Corvette Action Center.

Previously, we knew that 2021 Corvette production wouldn’t begin until December, but it was unclear exactly when in the month that production would begin. 

With two shifts of production going and about 186 Corvettes coming off the assembly line each day, it’s safe to say that production will begin in early December on the 8th. This is of course as long as there are no other setbacks, which could certainly occur. This is 2020 after all, and the year has been nothing but setbacks for many companies.

In the meantime, the assembly plant will be pushing hard to complete the 2020 Corvette production. The transition to the 2021 model year will go quickly because there aren’t many big changes between the two cars. This is good news for folks who have ordered their Vette already and are just waiting for the car to be delivered.