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The Chevrolet 2021 Corvette Build and Price Configurator Is Now Live

Build and Price Your Covette

2021 corvette configurator

Get Your 2021 How You Want It

If you’re thinking of buying a 2021 Corvette Stingray, then we have some good news for you. The build and price configurator is now live and ready for you to build the Corvette you want to purchase. 

Previously, there was a visualizer for the 2021 model year Corvette, but it wasn’t the build and price configurator. Now, this configurator will allow you to build your Corvette exactly how you want it and be able to see how much that car is going to cost you.

While much of the car is the same as the 2020 model year, there are some new colors, options, and packages for the car. Chevrolet has refined its list of packages and options that you can buy and this makes not only it easier for Chevy to build the cars, but for you to make your selection.

When the 2020 Corvette configurator went live it was a huge hit, and now we’d expect the 2021 configurator to be a hit as well. However, I will say that it likely won’t be quite as big of a deal, because the 2020 Corvette was the first year that the Vette went mid-engined. Still, this is exciting news and signals that Chevrolet is moving forward into 2021.