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Chevrolet Is Offering $3,250 Cash Back Rebate on Remaining 2019 C7 Corvettes

Sounds like a good deal

Get That C7 While They Last

Everyone is focused on the C8 Corvette, but here’s the thing, the C7 Corvette is still a hell of a car. The vehicle pushed the front-engine layout to its limits and was the best of the Corvette before it switched to a mid-engine layout. Right now, you can get a very good deal on a C7 Corvette. 

Now through August 31, 2020, Chevrolet is offering a cashback rebate of $3,250 on all remaining 2019 Corvettes, according to GM Authority. That means this deal is valid on all versions. It doesn’t matter if you want a Stingray or a ZR1, you can get $3,250 back on your purchase. This makes this one of the best deals of the summer.

Of course, this isn’t as good as the rebate used to be. During winter, the rebate was $12,000 in December of 2019 and $9,000 in February of 2020, according to Corvette Blogger. While you may have missed the best deal of the year thus far on a C7 Corvette, this new rebate is nothing to gloss over. There are very good deals to be had on C7 Corvettes right now, and this rebate only sweetens the deal.