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Checkout Jay Leno’s 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Tiger Shark

In a new video from Jay Leno’s Garage, we get an in-depth look at a unique 2002 Corvette Z06. This car received subtle yet striking modifications from Tecstar, enhancing its original Millennium Yellow paint without flashy graphics or badges. Tecstar hoped Chevrolet would sell this refined Z06 variant at dealerships. Chevrolet had hinted at a tuned Z06 in 2001 with the 742-hp Tiger Shark concept, followed by the milder 516-hp White Shark in 2002. Tecstar adapted their body kit from the White Shark for the Z06.

The Tiger Shark kit featured a new front bumper, hood, and rear bumper, differing significantly from Chevrolet’s design. The low, sturdy air dam influenced the decision to maintain the Corvette’s suspension height, even if the wheel gaps appeared unusual.

Under the hood, Tecstar replaced the LS3’s crankshaft, increasing displacement to 402 cubic inches, similar to the 2002 White Shark. Combined with exhaust enhancements and tuning, this boosted the Z06’s horsepower from 385 to 525. Jay Leno further upgraded his Corvette with an LS7 engine from a sixth-generation Z06.

The Tiger Shark kit illustrates the challenges of convincing automakers to adopt tuned versions. Although Tecstar’s hopes were not realized, a Michigan-based company revived the kit in 2015. Impressively, the Tiger Shark’s design still exudes classiness, making it a timeless choice for Corvette enthusiasts.