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[BREAKING] Pricing For 2024 Corvette Released, Yes Your Dream Will Cost More

The question is, will the kids still have money left in their college funds?

I’m going to be a man of few words (yes I know gasp) and get straight to the brass tacks (or brass tax as some say). I know everybody is on pins and needles to see how much of a dent their toy budget will take. Is it a slight ding (I hate when enthusiasts say ding on their Corvette–I digress) or will your budget be crushed like an empty beer can on prom night?

According to Rick Conti (video below), the 2024 Stringray prices are going up $2,000 for the 1LT Coupe and $1,800 for the 2LT/3LT Coupes while the increase for the 1LT Convertible is $1,500 and the 2LT/3LT Convertibles are increased by $1,800. Those new Stingray prices with shipping are:

• 1LT Coupe: $67,895
• 2LT Coupe: $74,995
• 3LT Coupe: $79,645
• 1LT Convertible: $74,895
• 2LT Convertible: $81,995
• 3LT Convertible: $86,645

For the 2024 Corvette Z06, there is a $3,000 increase for the 1LZ Coupe and $2,700 for 2LZ/3LZ Coupe. For the 1LZ Convertible, the price goes up $2,500 with the 2LZ and 3LZ increased by $2,700. The new Z06 prices with shipping will now be:

• 1LZ Coupe: $109,695
• 2LZ Coupe: $118,595
• 3LZ Coupe: $123,245
• 1LZ Convertible: $116,695
• 2LZ Convertible: $125,595
• 3LZ Convertible: $130,245

Lastly, onto those 2024 E-Ray prices. There is no change from the prices announced in January, except for an additional $200 for shipping.

• 1LZ Coupe: $104,495
• 2LZ Coupe: $109,995
• 3LZ Coupe: $115,445
• 1LZ Convertible: $111,495
• 2LZ Convertible: $116,995
• 3LZ Convertible: $122,445

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The glass half-full takeaway?

Demand is softening and supply is catching up, so despite the increase in price, you should still come out ahead, given that more and more dealers will be selling at MSRP, or gasp below sticker! CLICK HERE for a list of the Top Ten dealers who are reported to be currently selling at MSRP.

The Douglas B. Suggestion?

Place an order now, this is the most revolutionary and best Corvette since… ever.

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