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BREAKING: First Corvette Seller In History Admits High Price Is Wife-Inflated

Then wisely deleted his admissions (but we have the screenshots)! Have you ever been pressured to sell your beloved Corvette?

Any wise enthusiast who at least casually follows the Corvette markets can spot one of these listings a mile away. I was wise as well and grabbed some screenshots when this listing hit Facebook on Saturday evening, figuring something would happen to this goldmine for sale post. Well, the listing is still up, as are most of the comments, except for a few pertinent ones. After what I’m sure was an “oh crap what happens if the wife reads the comments” moment, the seller wisely deleted his confessions.

But fear not, CorvSport has the missing posts, so let’s get a chuckle together, as the exchange is hilarious.

Let’s first take a quick look at the Corvette “for sale”, and then the listing and price.

The Seller’s Listing

The Facebook Community Called It Right Away

Our Corvette Brother Wants to Come Clean

As They Say, Happy Wife Happy Life!

The breaking aspect of my title is a bit of hyperbole, but in my decades as an enthusiast, this is the FIRST time I’ve seen anyone openly admit that listing his Corvette at an absurd price was pressured by the spouse. This story could hit close to home for some of our readers. Have you ever been pressured to sell your beloved Corvette?

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