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A Pristine Restored 1962 C1 Up for Grabs in December

Supporting the Ronald McDonald House of Central Valley for their 31st Annual Collector Car Draw!

1962 Corvette C1

The Ronald McDonald House Central Valley Annual Collector Car Draw is back for its 31st year, and as with previous years, a piece of American muscle car history is going to be the grand prize.

In 2023, the car you could win was a 2023 Corvette C8 Z06 70th Anniversary Edition, but the classic car collectors are not going to want to miss this year’s prize draw: A fully restored and numbers matching 1962 Corvette C1, with a restored and matching optional hardtop.

Tickets start at $5, with bonus tickets for donations $35 or more. Get your tickets online here.

A Charity Drive with Heart

1962 Corvette C1
An original and restored matching hard top comes with the car

For years, the Ronald McDonald House Central Valley location has been a beacon of hope for families facing the challenges of childhood illness. For those unaware, the Ronald McDonald House provides temporary living quarters, a literal home away from home, for families with children undergoing medical treatment at nearby hospitals. Some families only spend a few days there, while others can spend weeks or even months so that they are never far away. So what better way to support a true American charitable institution than with a true American car?

This charity event has become a much-anticipated affair, drawing car enthusiasts from across North America for the past three decades. The Collector Car Draw not only raises funds for the Ronald McDonald House but also brings together a community of people who share a passion for classic cars and a commitment to making a difference.

The Star of the Show: 1962 Corvette C1 w/ Optional Hardtop

1962 Corvette C1
Tuxedo Black over Roman Red… is there a better color combo?

Back in the 1950s, cars were often big land yachts or slower than trying to pour molasses. So when Chevrolet unveiled the Corvette, a nimble, light (compared to other American cars), and powerful muscle car that became “America’s Sports Car,” it sent shockwaves not just across the USA, but the entire world. 

1962 was the final year of the C1 generation, after it launched in 1953, and the car that is at the center of this year’s collector car draw benefitted from all the little developments made over the years of that first generation. 

A Timeless Beauty

1962 Corvette C1
Absolutely pristine work in the restoration, making it look factory new inside and out

The 1962 Corvette on offer has perhaps the best color combination, according to many Corvette enthusiasts: Tuxedo Black over a Roman Red leather interior. It is menacing, sleek, and absolutely ready to turn heads anywhere it goes. 

1962 Corvette C1
Matching numbers original 327/360 HP fuel injected V8, tested on an engine dyno to 394 HP!

Under the long hood, a 327/360 HP V8 awaits, ready to put power through the four speed Borg-Warner close ratio T10-1C transmission to spin up the rear wheels through the correct 3.70:1 Posi-Trac rear differential. Even better, the chassis, engine, and transmission are all numbers matching original equipment! 

A Labor of Love

We all know that some Corvettes from the earlier generations need a lot of care and attention to return to their original glory. This specific car, with a build date of January 10, 1962, had a complete body-off restoration. Instead of doing any kind of restomodding, however, the restoration was meticulously done to original factory specifications, right down to the paint codes used at Chevrolet’s factories.

1962 Corvette C1
Correct T3 headlights up front

The engine was also completely restored and was one of the rare few that featured fuel injection. The 327 was rebuilt by noted Corvette expert Jeff Reade of American Motoring Memories in Culver City, California. Quite literally, no expense was spared in this restoration, which resulted not only in this gorgeous example of a C1 being perhaps one of the finest restorations of its kind, it actually gained a little power in the rebuild.

1962 Corvette C1
The shape that defined a generation

According to certified and verified engine dyno testing, the 327 V8, rated to give 360 HP originally, now puts out a mighty 394 HP at 5,800 RPM, and peaks at 407 lbs-ft of torque at 4,400 RPM. “Grunty” doesn’t even begin to describe a nearly 35 HP jump from factory rated power to current! The engine will likely still give you the same output should you win the draw, as the entire car has only had approximately 600 miles put on it since it rolled out of the restoration shop.

1962 Corvette C1
The most common view in the 1960s of a Corvette

The cherry on top, almost literally, is that this particular Corvette comes with a correct numbers optional hardtop. An option that many didn’t opt for, being happy with just the soft top, it makes this 1962 C1 either a soft top convertible or a hardtop coupe, depending on how you’re feeling on the day you want to go for a drive. Also, to have the original hardtop intact and in such excellent condition after just over 6 decades? The perfect final note for a classic car any collector would want!

How to Get Your Ticket to Ride

Now that you’re undoubtedly eager to make this classic monster yours, let’s talk about how you can get in on the action. The Ronald McDonald House Central Valley Annual Collector Car Draw is a fundraising event based around purchasing tickets for a raffle. Thankfully, you can do it entirely online from the comfort of your computer!

1962 Corvette C1
One of the best interior restorations we’ve ever seen at CorvSport

As with all the recent Ronald McDonald House Central Valley car draws in the past few years, you can get your tickets online here. While the 1962 Corvette C1 is the feature prize, there are also three other prizes you can enter for: A 2024 Corvette C8 Stingray, a 1970 Chevelle SS, and an all-expenses paid Hawaiian getaway. 

1962 Corvette C1
Even the underside has been restored to factory original!

Any and all tickets need to be purchased before 11:59 PM November 24, 2024. The drawing will take place December 13, 2024.

Tickets are 1 for $5, 5 for $10, 15 for $25, all the way up to 600 tickets for $500. Even better, if you use the code CORVSPORT when ordering your tickets for the 1962 Corvette C1 draw, it will double the tickets you get!