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2019 Corvette Expo In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Exceeds Expectations

Super Chevy 2019 Corvette Expo
Image from Super Chevy

It Was a Record-Breaking Event

The Corvette Expo is an event that every Corvette owner and Corvette enthusiasts better get to at least once. According to Super Chevy, the event has been around for 42 years and counting. The 2019 event was one of the best yet. The publication noted that there was record-breaking attendance. 

The ‘Park N Show’ area of the event filled up early in the day and the indoor portion of the show was equally packed. The reason this year’s event was so successful was due to a variety of factors. First off, the team at Cooper Events worked their rear ends off making sure the Corvette Expo was the best it has ever been. Secondly, the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, and sunny. 

Part of the event’s appeal is that it caters to all areas of the Corvette market, from casual enthusiasts to rabid fans. There’s something for everyone, including those interested in the classic or historic models to those only excited about the latest models to the tuner community. 

In attendance at the event was well over 500 Corvettes. Add to that all the people that showed up and Pigeon Forge, Tennesse was a very busy place. We hope to see more Corvette Expos like this one. If you want some detailed coverage of the event, we suggest heading over to Super Chevy to see specifics.