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2008 Corvette Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins, & Maintenance Schedule

2008 Corvette Recalls

There are currently no recorded recalls for this car. If you believe your car has a safety defect, but hasn’t been recalled, please check up with your local dealer or service center.

2008 Corvette Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins Pi-0773

  • Service Bulletin No.: Pi-0773
  • Component(S): Power Train
  • Nhtsa Id Number: 10055803
  • Manufacturer: General Motors Llc


Cadillac/chevrolet/gmc/hummer/pontiac: There Is Slipping Or Have No Fourth, Fifth Or Sixth Gear And Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Mil) Would Be On, With Diagnostic Trouble Code (Dtc) P0796 Found As Active. *pe

Service Bulletins Sb-0505-23-007-b

  • Service Bulletin No.: Sb-0505-23-007-b
  • Component(S): Service Brakes, Air , Service Brakes, Hydraulic
  • Nhtsa Id Number: 10055791
  • Manufacturer: General Motors Llc


Cadillac/Chevrolet: Information Provided Regarding The Possibility Of Brake Rotor Surface Cracking That Is Visible Due To Thermal Fatigue Testing. Model 2005-09 Slur, 2005-13 Corvette. *pe

Service Bulletins Pi-0018-b

  • Service Bulletin No.: Pi-0018-b
  • Component(S): Structure , Visibility
  • Nhtsa Id Number: 10054243
  • Manufacturer: General Motors Llc


General Motors: The Windows, Front And Rear, Would Bind, Poor Fit, Misalignment, Makes Rattle Or Squeaking Noises, Moves Slowly And Is Inoperative. Model 2008-2014 Vehicles And Trucks. *pe

Service Bulletins 08-08-67-013h

  • Service Bulletin No.: 08-08-67-013h
  • Component(S): Visibility
  • Nhtsa Id Number: 10053224
  • Manufacturer: General Motors Llc


Gm: The Roof Weatherstrips May Not Be Clean Or May Not Be Lubricated Or, Silicon Spray Or Plastic Cleansers May Have Been Applied To The Weather Strips. This Can Cause A Snap, Pop, Creak Or Rattle Noise From The Roof Panel While Driving. *js

Service Bulletins Pip-4158f

Service Bulletin No.: Pip-4158f
Component(S): Engine And Engine Cooling
Nhtsa Id Number: 10052311
Manufacturer: General Motors Llc
Summary: General Motors: Low Engine Oil Pressure, No Oil Pressure, And/or Engine Noise. This Could Be The Result Of A Sticking Oil Pump Pressure Relief Valve. *kb

Service Bulletins Pic-5335-a

  • Service Bulletin No.: Pic-5335-a
  • Component(S): Suspension
  • Nhtsa Id Number: 10051239
  • Manufacturer: General Motors Llc


Cadillac/chevrolet: For No Apparent Reason, The Front And/or Rear, Composite Springs Would Crack And/or Become Broken. Models 2004-2009 Xlr; 1997-2013 Corvette. *pe

Service Bulletins Pip-5037

  • Service Bulletin No.: Pip-5037
  • Component(S): Power Train
  • Nhtsa Id Number: 10044859
  • Manufacturer: General Motors Llc


General Motors: Corvette Clutch Pedal Low Or Sticks To The Floor- Cmc (Clutch Master Cylinder) Bypass. This Concern Will Not Be Intermittent And Will A Hard Fault. If The Condition Is Intermittent Then This Pi Will Not Apply. Also Included Chevrolet Grand Sport 2008-2012; Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2009-2012; Chevrolet Zr1 2008, 2010-2012. *js

Service Bulletins 09-07-30-004f

  • Service Bulletin No.: 09-07-30-004f
  • Component(S): Power Train Nhtsa Id
  • Number: 10043845
  • Manufacturer: General Motors Llc


Gm: Slips In Reverse Or Third, Delayed Reverse Or Drive Engagement, Dtc P0776, P2715, P2723, Harsh 2-3 Shifts (Inspect 1-2-3-/ 3-5-r Housing And Pump Seal Rings). This Condition May Be Caused By A Cracked 1-2-3-4/ 3-5-r Clutch Housing. *js Updated 5/10/12. *pe Updated 04/15/2014 *js

2008 Corvette Maintenance Schedule

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