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1953 Corvette Pricing, Factory Options, & Colors

1953 Chevrolet Corvette

1953 Corvette Factory Options

2934 Base Corvette Roadster 300 $3,498.00
2934 Polo White with Sportsman Red Interior 300 $0.00
101A Heater 300 $91.40
102A AM Radio, signal seeking 300 $145.15

Base Corvette Roadster (2934) –  The “real” base price of the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette. (1)

  • The base price was effective October 16, 1953.
  • The base price included federal excise tax and $248.00 delivery and handling.
  • Prices did not include local taxes or any additional dealer charges.
  • The base price was actually a recommended price. Some Chevrolet dealers actually charged different pricing.

Heater (101A)

  • An interior space/.cockpit heater.  (A standard option included on all three hundred 1953 Corvettes.)
  • The heater was not a fresh air-type heater.   The heater only recirculated interior cockpit air.

AM Radio, signal seeking (102A)

  • A standard Delco, signal seeking AM radio with conventional volume and tuning dials.
  • The 1953 signal-seeking AM radio was the same as the unit put into the 1954 Corvette, although the 1953 did not have Conelrad national defense markings.
  • Radio antennas were standard in all 1953 Corvettes. The antenna consists of a wire mesh screen fiberglassed into the interior lining of the trunk lid. Because fiberglass is electrically inert, this solution provided a way of concealing the antenna without creating radio interference.

(1)  Although listed as options, every 1953 Corvette included the installation of both a heater and an AM Delco radio.  When placing an order for a new Corvette, customers were not given the option of deleting either of these features from their car.

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