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Youtuber Claims The C2 Is The Most Stylish Performance Sports Car You’ll Ever Drive

But is the one in the video "live or is it Memorex?"

I’m probably dating myself here but does anyone else remember the classic commercials for the Memorex cassette tapes, where at the end they would ask, “Is it live or is it Memorex?” Well, that’s how I felt after watching this cool video from Carmstyledesign. I’ve included an old Memorex commercial from 1976 if anyone is compelled to digress with me and take a walk down memory (no pun intended) lane.

Before I go on, take a moment to watch at least part of this short video, and tell me it doesn’t seem real, especially when he starts panning around it at 16 seconds in and fires up the engine.

Well, call me gullible, but I actually thought it was a tastefully done restomod until I started reading the comments! It was a hook, line, and sinker moment when the engine fired up and it started blazing by the camera at 1:25.

I mean, look at the sun glistening off those beautiful curves?!?

What an awesome rendering and presentation. The modern days of manipulation with CGI, AI, photoshop, and Deepfake make the innocent days of Memorex look like amateurs. Let’s get back to the claim that Carmstyledesign made. Which generation do you think is the most stylish? We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.