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Watch a C6 Corvette Z06 Set a Naturally Aspirated Record at the Drag Strip

Dipping Into the 8s

Corvette Z06

Beast Mode at the Strip

Sebastien Imbeault recently took his C6 Corvette Z06 to the drag strip and managed to do an 8.992 quarter-mile time at 151.84 mph. This sets a new record for naturally aspirated Z06s, according to Corvette Blogger.

Imbeault’s did the time at Quebec’s Passat Napierville Dragway on Hoosier DR2 295-55-15 rear tires and front skinny tires. The car was heavily modified by American Heritage Performance and the list of special equipment for this car is rather long. Here’s a shortlist:

Vararam SC1R, ARH, AHP ported MSD 102/102, AHP CNC LS7 heads, ID1050X injectors, Fore twin Walbro 525 pump, RPS BC2 clutch, Mezier EWP, ATI underdrive, Custom Iceman 4.0 cam, MSD 8.5mm, MSD LS 2 step, S.I.R.P. Tune, 160 stats, Custom TR6060 ratio, Motive 3.90 rear end, C6Z06 rear axle, QA1 DA shocks, Weight 2675 lbs dry no fuel no driver, Stock LS7 block Darton sleeved with stock LS7 rotating, ARP main & Heads studs, 3800 RPM launch.

Here’s a video of the car doing its run:

Here’s a look at the official times from the track: