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VIDEO: The Mid-Engine Corvette (AGAIN!)

Thanks to rendering artist ‘fvs’ via, we probably have our best look so far at the production C8 Corvette final design. The rendered image was created based on spy shots, specifically those of the C8.R race car out testing on the track.

Carscoops Captures C8 Corvette “Zora” In the Wild

For a car that still doesn’t officially exist (or, at least isn’t formally acknowledged by GM), the mid-engine Corvette “Zora” sure has been showing up in the public eye a lot over the past few months.

It’s no surprise that the car has become something of an internet sensation.  It’s one of the worst-kept secrets in the history of the Corvette.  Still, while Chevrolet chooses to remain silent about the next-generation of their beloved sports car, the rest of the world seeks out every opportunity to catch a glimpse of the elusive mid-engine Corvette.

On August 30, 2018, published new spy shots and a video of the C8 Corvette. While Chevrolet continues to use the now-familiar camouflage to guard from anyone capturing a clear view of the next-generation Corvette, there’s no argument that the engine for this new car is mounted in the middle of the car.  And, even with the camouflage in place, it is easy to identify the classic lines that make this a Corvette, even with the dramatic new look that comes with a mid-engine model.

Although we know that a mid-engine Corvette is on its way, we still don’t know the timeline for its formal unveiling by Chevrolet.  Latest speculation is that the car will be introduced at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in January. will continue to publish updates about the mid-engine Corvette as they become available.