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[Video] Is This C2 Restomod A BETTER Sports Car Than A 2023 C8?

It's a daring question, and this Youtuber was brave enough to ask it

I’m on social media daily, for what seems like all day, perusing Corvette content in all the corners to find interesting features to bring to you, our faithful CorvSport readers. One thing I’ve noticed, especially with the nearly 150,000 followers on our Facebook page, is that you all love Restomods. Just this week, when our feature on Kevin Hart’s 1959 Restomod hit Facebook again, there was another semi-viral response, with over 14,000 likes and nearly 500 comments.

Recently Youtuber Raiti’s Rides, who has over 1 million subscribers, asked the daring question of whether an old C2 Restomod is a better sports car than the modern and revolutionary 2023 C8. Well, is it? I’m sensing many of our rabid enthusiasts here, with a propensity for the classic Sting Ray design morphed with modern power and underpinnings, may say yes.

Raiti’s Question:If you’re looking for a Corvette, and you wanna have some newer technology, but you don’t want to get a C8… you’re like everybody and their mother has a C8, it really doesn’t look like a Corvette to me… what about this 1965 Restomod?

The Details on this 1965 Restomod:

  • 495hp 6.2L LS3
  • Silver Sport 5-speed manual transmission
  • Full DeWitts cooling system
  • Lowered on original chassis
  • 15″ Vision wheels, Legend series
  • Wilwood Disc brakes
  • Vintage Air
  • Upgraded interior with Italian leather

Video Highlights:

  • 8:07: A look under that hood!
  • 9:24: Rauti fires up that gnarly-sounding LS3!
  • 13:25: On the road with some good acceleration runs!

So what are your thoughts on the general premise of this question and comparison? We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 149,000 followers (30,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.


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