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[Tips and Advice] C8 Guide For Aftermarket Warranties

C8 Owner asks the Facebook community for warranty suggestions, and there are many

As we approach year five of C8 production, many enthusiasts are approaching (or surpassing) the limits of their factory GM warranty. All Corvettes come with a standard 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile Powertrain warranty. And it goes without saying, the clock starts with your “in-service date”, versus the date it was built (or arrived at the dealership).

Given some of the issues C8 owners are experiencing, from check engine lights to transmission problems, those who want some added peace of mind prefer to extend the manufacturer’s warranty. This post from a popular C8 Facebook page summarizes the concern well.

Does GM offer an extended warranty?

Jennifer’s post offers up the first question. As with most things on the internet these days, there is a debate on whether or not GM directly offers an extended warranty for the C8. The exchange below sums it up best.

Semantics aside, Chevy does offer warranties through their network (link below), and there are a few Chevrolet dealers who have well-known team members who are the go-to for the best Corvette aftermarket warranty. Then, of course, there are the plethora of “non-GM sponsored” aftermarket warranties advertised ad nauseam on TV and other mediums. For the purpose of this guide, I will focus on the first two options only. But first some tips.

Tips for Buying an Aftermarket Warranty

  1. Shop around and negotiate. Most dealers can lower their advertised/retail price (although some states have set retail pricing). When I owned my used car dealership in FL, I had a set price governed by the state, and could not give the customer a discount. Conversely, when I moved to GA and opened up, I could discount down to zero profit, if desired.
  2. Be aware of the differences. There are typically two different types of warranties, those that cover stated/listed components and exclusionary coverage. To avoid that “gotcha moment” where you are told a repair is not covered, you will want to go with exclusionary coverage. With exclusionary coverage you will know exactly what isn’t covered (although it may be more expensive, as it typically covers more components).
  3. Plan your purchase. It is generally recommended, or required with some warranties, to shop and buy before your 3-year warranty is expired.

Top Warranty Choices from the Corvette Community

  1. Dennis Fichtner, GM Warranty Specialist, Laurel Chevrolet. The overwhelming choice from one of the most popular C8 Facebook pages was Dennis, due mostly to his service levels and ability/willingness to discount. His phone number is (406) 698-6355 and his email is [email protected].
  2. Todd Sutherland, MacMulkin Chevrolet. Todd ranked a close second in recommendations. His phone number is (603) 888-1121 and his email is [email protected].
  3. James E. Black Cadillac (PA). Rounding out the top three dealer recommendations is this dealer, with a couple of mentions. Their phone number is (877) 472-9550 (extension 1). Of the three, I’ve heard Dennis’s name thrown around in the community since the early 2000s, and he is by far the most popular on forums.
  4. While offered through Chevrolet, products offered through this website are underwritten by Safe-Guard. While I don’t know if the products or prices are better than the first 3 choices, the website does offer an easy and transparent way to start your shopping.

Click here for VIN-Specific quotes from

I priced out a 2021 Coupe with 35,311 and chose the platinum protection with a zero deductible. You’ll simply need your VIN number, mileage, and state it is registered. Make sure to notice the fine print at the bottom (click to enlarge image).

I hope you have found this guide helpful, and enjoy many more years and miles on your C8! We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to see you thereDouglas B.