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[Time Lapse Build] Watch This LS9 Powered C2 Restomod Transform In Minutes

Check out a photo gallery of the finished creation, a quick snapshot of how we got there, with a cool time-lapse video from its creator!

Welcome to a new series where I showcase cool Corvette Restomod builds from around the net. In the relatively short time I’ve been privileged to write for CorvSport, I’ve watched your reactions on our social media pages and you LOVE Restomods. In today’s episode, I’ll begin with a photo gallery of the finished creation and give you a quick snapshot of the build. Then we have a bonus feature, with a 5-minute time-lapse video from the creator who envisioned this awesome build, County Corvette. So, sit back and enjoy this beautiful 1964 LS9-powered Restomod!

The Finished Creation

A Quick Snapshot of How We Got There

Time Lapse Video From Creator County Corvette

[CorvSport does not have any affiliation with this builder, nor were we compensated for featuring them]

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