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This C8 Corvette in C1 Dress Doesn’t Look Half Bad

Old School Clothes on the New School Design

C8 Corvette with C1 livery

What Do You Think?

The Corvette has a long and robust history. We have one of the best databases for this long and rich history. Because of that, you can take a look at the C8 Corvette and see elements of the first couple of generations. Well, one of the fantastic Corvette fans out there managed to take the 2020 C8 Corvette and give it a little bit of a C1 Corvette flair by going with the paint job, chrome, and number from the old car.

The C1 and C8 are far different machines, but it’s actually pretty impressive how good the classic livery and chrome fits on the new car. We thought it would look far worse. We’re not saying we want Chevrolet to produce this car, but it is an interesting attempt at “retrofitting” the C8.

The artist is @wb.artist20, and he shared this design on Instagram, which was then picked up by Corvette Blogger and other outlets. While the white wall tires look kind of silly, the rest of it doesn’t look too bad. Here’s what the artist had to say:

“By popular requests, here’s my attempt at “retrofitting” a C8 Corvette with 1958 C1 elements. I debated on what year model to use and @_frankieklassen01 suggested white walls so it intrigued me not to mention the white cove is definitely super identifiable. Let me know what you think. Btw I don’t care about what the chrome does to weight and aerodynamics! It looks awesome to me!”