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There Were No 2020 Corvettes at the Corvette Funfest

Not So Fun Afterall

The Corvette Funfest at Mid America Motorworks in Effingham, IL, was expected to see some 2020 Corvettes. People showed up in part to see the new Corvette in the flesh, but that didn’t happen. According to Corvette Blogger, GM disappointed thousands of people at the event by not bringing any of the six show-cars to the event. The reason why is kind of silly, too.

Mid America Motorworks Mike Yager made an announcement at the beginning of the event, saying that GM would not bring any 2020 Corvette’s to the Funfest. He also said that the reason was that GM sees Mid America Motorworks as a parts and accessories competitor.

The reasoning is silly because of the fact that all of those people at that show are potential future 2020 Corvette customers. This sounds like a good way to anger what would otherwise be clear customers for GM.

As Corvette Blogger points out, Mid America Motorworks used to be seen as a partner. The appearance of the GM engineer’s tent at the show was pretty much a tradition. For GM to now say that Mid America Motorworks is a competitor seems to not be too smart of a move. It annoys and angers many faithful Corvette drivers.

Mid America Motorworks is even an official GM licensee. The company pays a royalty to GM for every product sold, so the relationship functions as more of a partnership than two companies competing. It’s an odd reason for GM to not bring the 2020 Corvette. It’ll be interesting to see how this move impacts Corvette and Mid America Motorworks.

  1. It’s always helpful to look at the facts when evaluating a situation (and if anyone has information that can refute the facts as I know them at this time, I would welcome the corrections)…

    Fact #1 – I have been unable to find an announcement at any time by GM, any Corvette Team member, Mid America Motorworks, or any FunFest promoter that a 2020 Corvette would be on site during FunFest.

    Fact #2 – Mid America Motorworks publicly acknowledged on July 29 and August 27 that they didn’t know if GM would bring any 2020 Corvettes to FunFest.

    Mahdlo Nosaj‎ to Mid America Motorworks: Corvette, July 29
    Any chance we will see the C8 make and appearance at Funfest?

    Mid America Motorworks: Corvette
    Hi there! All we have right now are guesses as far as whether or not GM will be bringing any C8s to Funfest. We have not received a firm answer as of yet, but we are hopeful and would guess there is a high likelihood, but we cannot say for sure at this time. We will absolutely make an announcement once we know!

    Mahdlo Nosaj
    Awesome!!! Thanks for the quick response!!!

    Mid America Motorworks: Corvette
    You’re welcome! Keep an eye out on the page, we’ll post here as soon as we know!

    Tom Woller, August 27
    Any C8 display happening at the show?

    Mid America Motorworks: Corvette
    We know for sure that GM and BGA engineers will be here for the show and they typically bring the latest and greatest!

    Fact #3 – Mid America Motorworks announced this year’s theme with the graphic showing a 2020 Corvette on August 26. Some may have seen this as confirmation that the 2020 Corvette would be on site, but the post by Mid America above never explicitly said that. Instead, it said, “…and they typically bring the latest and greatest!”

    Fact #4 – The Bowling Green Assembly Plant personnel has been the party that has brought Corvettes and organized personnel to attend FunFest in the most recent years, while GM has been the party that has arranged Corvettes and personnel for Corvettes at Carlisle and the National Corvette Museum.

    Fact #5 – It has been reported that Mike Yager stated GM didn’t bring any 2020 Corvettes to FunFest because “GM now views Mid America Motorworks as a competitor to their own Corvette parts and accessories business despite the fact that the thousands of enthusiasts who attended the 26th annual Corvette Funfest are all potential buyers of the next-generation Corvette.” –

    Let’s start with Fact #5. I’m still trying to figure out why someone would publicly criticize the company (GM) that makes the cars that their customers order aftermarket parts, accessories, and apparel for. Here’s why. I’ve seen comments posted like, “I will never buy a GM again!” and “I am looking at purchasing a C8, or a Lexus LC500 in the very near future, GM just made my mind up for me! They obviously don’t need my business!! I won’t support a company that continues to make such bone head decisions!!” If I’m a vendor of Corvette parts, accessories, and apparel, and I make an announcement that causes some to become so disgruntled that they decide to not buy a new Corvette that I would otherwise have potentially sold various parts, accessories, and apparel, have I actually done myself a disservice? Mike Yager is a shrewd businessman, so I really have no answer to my own question on this one.

    Moving to Fact #4, I imagine that the Corvette Plant administration might just have their hands full right now with the strike impacting their work to complete the remainder of the 2019 Corvette production and the transition to the 2020. I also think GM is limiting the number of free public presentation of the 2020 Corvette while dealerships are paying large sums to have their own presentations. Since we haven’t heard anything publicly from GM or the plant, all theories as to why the Corvette Plant administration didn’t participate this year are speculative at best. And since it’s the plant administration that has been in the driver’s seat regarding participation at FunFest in recent years, Mid America’s stated reason for GM not attending doesn’t add up completely for me.

    I’m going to lump Facts #3, #2, and #1 into one question. If Mid America Motorworks never formally announced that the 2020 Corvette would be on site at FunFest, why are so many indignant toward GM? The only thing Mid America announced was “We know for sure that GM and BGA engineers will be here for the show…” and that announcement took place before the strike, which undoubtedly complicated things even further.

    While I wish FunFest could have benefited from the presence of the 2020 Corvette, I don’t see how one can logically berate GM after reviewing the facts. There is often more to a story than most know, but in this instance, I think Mid America wanted the 2020 Corvette to be on site but had no confirmation that this would happen. Potential attendees were also hopeful, and some may have even thought Mid America had confirmed that there would indeed be 2020 Corvettes on site, but Mid America never confirmed this as far as I can tell. And then, when Mid America finally received confirmation that the 2020 Corvette would NOT be at the event, they shared that information to the dissatisfaction of those who thought it was a given that the 2020 Corvette would be there.

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