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There Were No 2020 Corvettes at the Corvette Funfest

corvette c8 white

Not So Fun Afterall

The Corvette Funfest at Mid America Motorworks in Effingham, IL, was expected to see some 2020 Corvettes. People showed up in part to see the new Corvette in the flesh, but that didn’t happen. According to Corvette Blogger, GM disappointed thousands of people at the event by not bringing any of the six show-cars to the event. The reason why is kind of silly, too.

Mid America Motorworks Mike Yager made an announcement at the beginning of the event, saying that GM would not bring any 2020 Corvette’s to the Funfest. He also said that the reason was that GM sees Mid America Motorworks as a parts and accessories competitor.

The reasoning is silly because of the fact that all of those people at that show are potential future 2020 Corvette customers. This sounds like a good way to anger what would otherwise be clear customers for GM.

As Corvette Blogger points out, Mid America Motorworks used to be seen as a partner. The appearance of the GM engineer’s tent at the show was pretty much a tradition. For GM to now say that Mid America Motorworks is a competitor seems to not be too smart of a move. It annoys and angers many faithful Corvette drivers.

Mid America Motorworks is even an official GM licensee. The company pays a royalty to GM for every product sold, so the relationship functions as more of a partnership than two companies competing. It’s an odd reason for GM to not bring the 2020 Corvette. It’ll be interesting to see how this move impacts Corvette and Mid America Motorworks.