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The Right-Hand-Drive C8 Might Not Happen

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Keeping it on the Left Side

Chevrolet was supposed to build a right-hand-drive version of the C8 Corvette, but now it seems that the company has decided to put a halt on that idea. According to Car Advice, GM’s executive director in charge of program management, Michele Braun, decided to pause all car and truck development, including the Corvette. 

This pause puts a damper on the prospect of a right-hand-drive Corvette coming soon. This move could impact several markets, including Australia, Japan, and the UK. According to the story, unnamed sources said that the possibility of a right-hand-drive C8 coming to Australia is now “slim to none.” That doesn’t bode well for folks outside of the U.S. who want a C8 Corvette.

“When General Motors comes out of this crisis, they will want to allocate their engineering resources to the vehicles that can deliver the biggest profits in the shortest possible time … they need cashflow urgently,” said the unnamed source.

Even if the Corvette makes it down to Australia, Car Advice said that its source said the numbers that would be sold were to be around 200 to 300 cars, so it would be tough to get your hands on one anyway down under. There was no info on the other markets.