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The One Time You Don’t Want To See A Corvette Brother Behind You

Possibly the coolest and most polarizing cop car you'll ever see, check out the viral story on how this Stingray got wrapped with blue

C8 Cop Car Goes Viral/Photo Credit: CorvetteForum

Nearly all of us spirited Corvette drivers hate to see a cop car behind us, much like having your wife along for a guy’s night out. When this 2022 Corvette cop car popped up on Facebook just days ago, I figured there has got to be more to the story, and there certainly is. Take a 5-minute ride with CorvSport as we break down all the interesting facets of this viral story. After you are filled in, please join us at the fastest-growing Corvette community on the net, with 164,000 Facebook followers, and let me know what you think about this polarizing Corvette cop car.  Douglas B.

The Cliff Notes

In April 2023, our officers located and secured this Corvette, which had previously evaded two neighboring law enforcement agencies. The vehicle’s driver, Alexander Casey, 25, of Albany, Ga., was apprehended and charged with felony transporting illegal narcotics and possessing firearms. He was also charged with fleeing and alluding by other agencies.” [Source:]

Who Knew Civil Forfeiture Was So Polarizing

There are Always Facebook Jokesters!

The Message Above The Rocker is Clear

The Before and The Dog Who Took The C8 Down

Photo Credit:

What are the plans for this repurposed Corvette?

“…Although the Corvette is a pretty sweet ride, they do not plan to use it for police operations, they’ll use it instead at community events to inspire children and to send a message to criminals too…” [Source: WMBB News 13, video below]

It still has the blue lights!

Photo Credit: John T./Facebook

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