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The New Corvette Stingray Is a Contender for 2020 North American Car of the Year

Are You Even Surprised?

This is news, but it should have been expected. The 2020 Corvette Stingray is one of the contenders for the 2020 North American Car of the Year award. The last time Corvette won this award was in 2014. That year, the C7 won the award. It would be great for Chevy and the Corvette brand if the 2020 Corvette Stingray could pull off a repeat win. 

The award won’t be announced until early next year, but according to Corvette Blogger, the car is one of the semifinalists for the award. The car that wins is picked by about 50 respected members of the automotive press. There are people from print, online, radio, and broadcast media who select the car. October 8 to 10 is the next time that jurors will have another chance to evaluate each of the semifinalists. That analysis will occur in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The 2020 Corvette Stingray is not without some tough competition. With that said, it’s clear that the car definitely has a chance at the top honor. Here are the other contenders:

  • BMW 3 Series
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Kia Soul
  • Mazda3
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class
  • Polestar 1
  • Porsche 911
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Toyota Supra
  • Volkswagen Arteon

The Corvette Stingray’s biggest rivals here that we can see are the Porsche 911, Toyota Supra, and maybe the Polestar 1. The Toyota Supra is really a rebadged BMW, though and the Porsche 911 is more of an evolution, whereas the 2020 Corvette is a revolutionary car. The Polestar 1 is an interesting vehicle, but we’d argue even it isn’t as impressive as the new Corvette Stingray. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.