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The Michigan Mystery Of C8s Sequestered At The “Pontiac Prison” Is Solved

Check out the breaking news that is sending ripples throughout our community, with the answer only raising more questions

Hundreds of completed C8s sitting in Michigan/Photo Credit: Craig Hodas

CorvSport initially reported in October about a handful of brand-new C8s being shipped to a gated and guarded storage lot in Pontiac, Michigan, with only vague explanations being provided by GM. This was particularly disturbing for many soon-to-be owners, as some had already paid for their Corvettes (a stipulation with Museum Delivery). After a handful escalated to hundreds, and more time passed, concern turned to frustration and anger. Now, breaking news from the popular MidEngineCorvetteForum has appeared to solve the mystery. But first, a quick review of how we got here.

How the Mystery Has Grown

Reported by CorvSport on 10/26/2023:

This strange story has been sending ripples of speculation throughout the Corvette forum community and began developing on Monday when reports came in of a 2024 Stingray owner (with Museum delivery plans) discovering via OnStar that his C8 had been shipped to Pontiac. What made the trip even more baffling was the fact that he had already paid for the Corvette and completed all the paperwork, since the C8 was completed on 9/28 and at 4150 status.

What reasoning was provided then?

At the time, MidEngineCorvetteForum member “RedC8Z06” reported in a thread discussion that he reached out to “some people who might know”, and this was the response he received:

“We have units going to MI for updates that couldn’t be done at the plant before they will ship to their final destination, so after it is updated it will ship to the NCM. No projection on how long it will be.”

Further reporting by the Corvette Blogger confirmed from another source that, “the reasons for the cars shipping to Pontiac are for ‘repairs’ and again we heard the phrase ‘it could take a while’.

Reported by CorvSport on 11/16/2023:

“...As the handful turns into hundreds, folks are still baffled and the concern level has escalated for owners. And to make matters worse, some of these owners have already paid for their cars since they were planning an R8C delivery with the National Corvette Museum, and it’s policy to pay well before actual delivery. There are numerous theories floating around social media and the forums, but at the time of publication, no concrete answers have been provided.

At the time of this publication, some were speculating the delays were due to a “structural” issue. Here are some pictures that were shared by owner Craig Hodas on the MidEngineCorvetteForum. Thankfully, he lived near the Pontiac, Michigan storage facility, and was able to track his Corvette with the myChevrolet App.

Sitting with security

What Was the Mystery Problem?

After weeks of speculating and reports of “insider information”, two members participating in a lengthy discussion at the MidEngineCorvetteForum were able to fully confirm and officially announce the cause of the Michigan detour.

Both owners are stating:

Representatives from GM’s ‘Executive Resolution Board’ have confirmed that their Corvettes were sent to Michigan due to a transmission problem.

Well, there you have it. Other interesting facts to note are:

  • One of those owners notes that his Corvette has finally moved inside the Penske Service Center for the repair.
  • It’s still not known if GM is repairing or replacing the DCTs.
  • GM is sending the ‘Vettes to Michigan because there is no room for repairs at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.
  • The fact it’s a DCT issue explains why the Michigan C8s were all Stingrays, (as they have their own unique transmission).
  • Another two of the “Pontiac Prison” Corvettes have been released from the Penske shop and are now on the way back to the National Corvette Museum (where they will finally be delivered to their new owners nearly three months after they rolled off the assembly line).

If you have followed the Corvette social media pages, the cause for the detour and aggravation will come as no surprise (full DCT feature here). But, as I noted earlier, the transmission answer only raises more questions. WHY are these DCTs having so many issues? At this point, nobody has a concrete answer.

Additional Source

So, what do you think about these prolific issues with the DCT? Are they overblown? More importantly, would they turn you off from buying a C8? We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 163,000 followers (44,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.