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The Future of the Z06 is Brighter than we Expected: What We Know so Far


Chevrolet’s C8 Corvette has been a blockbuster hit since its release. So much so, that it’s tough to get your hands on one. This isn’t usually a bad thing as the demand is kept up, but as of late, the Corvette has had some manufacturing delays due to supply issues. 

Though it’s not all bad news as long as the supply issue resolves, there have been mumblings of some high-performance C8s on the horizon. According to the anonymous information given to Motortrend, the Z06, and ZR1 could be arriving sooner than we think. 

C8 CorvetteThe new Z06 apparently will show up to the party without a supercharger, unlike the previous Corvette Z06. Though the power will be delivered by a 5.5-liter flat-plane crank naturally-aspirated V8, it will have an output in the 615hp to 625hp ballpark. Sure it’s not 650 horsepower like the previous supercharged Z06 but Chevrolet has proved that the C8’s make the most of what they are given. 

The new Z06 can be optioned to include carbon fiber wheels and likely carbon-ceramic brakes, for a price. A full spec C8 Z06 will be expected to cost over $100K, but that won’t hold back hungry Corvette enthusiasts as C8’s are fetching over the sticker price of $60K anyways. 

Corvette ForumIf you think the Z06 will be intense, we still have the proposed 2023 ZR1 Corvette to cover. It will maintain the same 5.5-liter engine used in the Z06 but will be fitted with two turbochargers. Power output is expected to be about 850 horsepower on the ZR1 and that’s about all we know at the moment. As more information comes we will be sure to give it to you. 

To ensure Chevrolet has all of the bases covered there have been talks of a plug-in hybrid Corvette. Presumably, it will have three electric motors, two in the front and one in the back. There is no confirmation on the engine that will be fitted but either V8 will get the job done. 

There are still two more variants left and they will be the most noteworthy. The first is of the all-electric variety, which is a strange one to envision but with modern technology, it’s got the potential to blow the doors off of any gas-powered Corvette on the stage. 

C8 CorvetteNow for the finale, the hulk, the 2025 Corvette Zora. It will combine the powerplants of the ZR1 and the hybrid Corvette to make something capable of around 1,000 horsepower. It’s no surprise that the Corvette Zora would fetch around $150,000 – but as Chevrolet always does, the price for performance ratio will be fair, nay, a bargain.

Chevrolet has its plans laid out for the future of high-performance C8’s and we couldn’t be more excited about them.