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Check Out the 2021 Corvette Visualizer

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2021 Corvette

Craft Your 2021 Corvette

If you’re thinking of getting a 2021 Corvette, you can now visualize what you’re going to buy. Well, you could kind of already do that, but now Chevrolet has a builder up on its website that will allow you to build and visualize your future car. 

This is different than a Build and Price configurator. You can’t see prices and option out your ride exactly how you want it, but you can see the car you want and put the colors you want and play with some of the options for the car. It’s fun to play with and will help you narrow down what you want in your 2021 Corvette. 

The visualizer isn’t as sleek and easy to use as the Build and Price configurator that will come out at a later date. This one is kind of slow and takes some time, but it’s still cool to see the 2021 Corvette in the color you want and think about all the possibilities.

The visualizer for the 2020 model was a massive success for Chevrolet and brought thousands of potential buyers to the site. Chevy is likely hoping for a similar reaction with this visualizer, but the 2021 car isn’t really being changed from the 2020 model year, so we expect the activity to be less impressive for the 2021 model year. That said, you should probably head over to Chevy’s website to check the visualizer out