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The Automotive Experts Discuss the C8 Corvette

Autoline C8 Corvette
Image from Autoline

They Go Over All The Details

With all the C8 Corvette buzz, we’re not the only ones wishing Chevrolet would just debut the new car already. Additional sightings of the C8 Corvette testing have popped up recently in Florida, Michigan, and California. The C8 Corvette is most definitely coming, but as John McElroy of points out, Chevrolet still hasn’t officially said the car exists.

With that in mind, Don Sherman, a contributor to Road and Track and Car and Driver, Peter DeLorenzo of, and Gary Vasilash of AD&P sit down with Autoline Network’s After Hours show to discuss the model.

The group touches on basically everything we’ve already known and been reporting on over the last several months. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind whether or not the car is coming, but many of the details are still up in the air. Right off the bat, Sherman rattles off a lot of speculative details, and then the group digs into the topic more closely.

It’s an engaging discussion and one worth listening to. Two things that stood out to us were that Sherman believes the C8 and C7 will be sold simultaneously and that the C8 could debut at the 25th anniversary of the National Corvette Museum, which will occur at the end of August.

If Sherman is right, that would make the National Corvette Museum the place to be come August. We’d imagine, Chevrolet would give the press a bit of a heads up to let them know that they need to be at the anniversary celebration. We’ll keep you posted if anything comes our way.