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The Ares S Project Is a C8 Corvette-Based Hypercar

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Ares Design S Project

Are You Really Suprised Someone Used the C8 for This?

The C8 Corvette is a killer sports car. Well, it’s really America’s supercar, but it certainly comes up short of hypercar status. That’s why the Ares Design S Project exists. The company took the C8 Corvette and transformed it into an amazing hypercar that’s even more exclusive than the C8. 

The company plans to make only 24 of these cars but each will cost €500,000 (about $593,000 USD), so you can bet that they will be doing just fine once they’re all sold.

The car is no joke. The boss of Ares Design is Dany Bahar. He told Top Gear the following: “We went back to origins, to a naturally aspirated, high-revving V8 engine with a dual-clutch transmission – you don’t need to be a racing driver to manage a car like this.”

We like where his head is at, and the S Project showcases this idea splendidly. The vehicle features the Corvette’s 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8. It is tuned to produce 705 hp and 715 lb-ft of torque. The gearbox connected to the engine is an eight-speed dual-clutch affair that sends power to the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential.

Not all of the performance specs are known just yet. Top speed, for example, hasn’t been reported. However, a 0-62 mph run is said to take just 2.6 seconds. 

Bahar said that the performance gains for the engine are all mechanical and that they can’t be replicated with software. He said that the company is keeping its methods under wraps for now.

Overall, this is a crazy car, built on a fantastic C8 Corvette platform. While we would rather get the Chevrolet for a small fraction of the price of this car, it’s cool to see the C8 Corvette’s design being recognized and used in this way.