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The 2020 Corvette Stingray has its First Accident and Here’s the Video

Bound To Happen Sometime Soon

Well, the first C8 Corvette major accident happened. The accident occurred along the twisty CA Route 120 between Moccasin and Groveland near Yosemite, California. The accident involved several vehicles and the Corvette in question was pretty smashed up.

According to reports, including this one from Corvette Blogger, the car took a mountain road turn wide and collided with an SUV going the opposite direction. We assume one of the vehicles passed the centerline. However, we have no information at this time as to the person at fault. The accident was severe enough to rip the rear wheel and bumper off of the SUV. The Corvette also sustained severe damage. The left front headlight, fender, wheel and just that general area of the car sustained a lot of damage.

After several images of the accident surfaced on the web and many reports, Jalopnik received a video from someone who passed by the accident. The video shows the damage on the various cars involved in the accident. We have not heard whether or not everyone involved in the accident is okay. It appeared that many people involved were standing to the side of the road and there’s no ambulance in sight, so hopefully, everyone is okay. You can watch the video below.