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The 10 Best Corvette Ads You’ve Never Seen!

Here Are the 10 Best Corvette Ads You’ve Probably Never Seen!

Since its introduction in 1953, Chevrolet has created some of the best television advertising out there, and all of it showcases their flagship sports car – the Corvette!  Because each of these marketing campaigns were designed to attract potential consumers in a variety of different markets and age demographics, it’s a little surprising how few people have actually experienced these ads.  As you’re about to discover, its obvious that Chevrolet put some serious money into the creation of these television spots.  We thought it an excellent opportunity to post some of our “most favorite” of the many Corvette commercials out there for your enjoyment.  While this is by no means the complete catalog of all the Corvette TV spots that have been released over the years, we think the examples that follow are the 10 best Corvette ads you’ve probably never seen.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

1.) It Takes A Chevy…

The setting? The infamous Rt. 66.  The situation?  See for yourself:

2.) Bad Dreams

When the 2014 C7 Corvette was first introduced, it was said that it would be a “dream”….little did we know it would become other cars’ worst nightmare!

3.) Corvette Heaven

This is a personal favorite of mine.  It says more about the character of the people who own Corvettes – or in this case, dream of buying a Corvette – than it does about the car itself.  This one might bring a tear to your eye, but it is pretty sweet.

4.) The First-Ever C5 Corvette (circa 1997)

While Chevrolet’s marketing style has definitely changed over the years, we thought this one was an “iconic nineties” commercial!

5.) Introducing the C4 Corvette!

If you thought the last commercial had a bit of a dated feel to it, just wait until you watch this next one!  While it probably seemed incredibly futuristic for its time, this throwback to 1984 has a little bit of everything we loved from the eighties – including a dated sci-fi feel that is one part Tron, one part Knight Rider and one-hundred percent cool!  (NOTE: The resolution is probably not on par with the newer commercials.)

6.) The 2014 Corvette Stingray

This commercial is straight-up about Chevrolet performance…it’s a ballad to the beauty and power of the C7 Stingray with no marketing gimmicks – just a straight-up showcase of this car on the track!

7.) Candles

As an owner of a 2013 Corvette, this one is a personal favorite of mine.  Of course, I don’t own the 427 convertible (at least not yet), but I still love having a “60th Anniversary” Corvette.  As for the commercial itself, I can’t think of a better way to blow out my birthday candles than this!

8.) The Original 1953 Corvette Promotional Film

The continuation of Corvette’s very existence is both the bi-product of Harley Earl’s 1953 prototype and Zora Arkus-Duntov’s vision to transform the Corvette into “America’s Sports Car” as well as the incredible marketing campaigns that Chevrolet created to entice would-be buyers to purchase a two-seat roadster in an era when such cars did not exist – at least not in the United States.  While this commercial is dated, and has some very outdated stereotypes built into its script, it is also the first example of how successful marketing catapulted Corvette from another would-be show car into the dream car it would ultimately become.

9.) 1963 Corvette Sting Ray TV Commercial (With Dick Thompson & Dave MacDonald footage)

No collection of “best of” Corvette commercials would be complete without a look back at the most iconic Corvette of them all – the 1963 Sting Ray!  This commercial spot, though a bit brief, was one of the first classic Corvette commercials to play in regular rotation on network television!

10.) The 2020 Corvette: Stands Alone

As we look to the future of Corvette, we come to the crossroads of everything that was before it and everything that still lies ahead.  We find ourselves at the precipice of an entirely new era – the era of the mid-engine Corvette….and just like all the Corvettes that came before it, this new mid-engine C8 will challenge everything we know about performance and handling.  This much is certain, even among the Corvettes that came before it, the Mid-Engine C8 stands alone.

So what did you think of our picks for the “10 Best Corvette Ads”?  Do you agree with this list of commercials?  Maybe you have a favorite of you own that was not listed here.  If you do, please share it with us (post a link on our Facebook page or shoot us an email)  so we can include it in future “best of” articles!

Before we go, we want to leave you with one final C8 video…one that celebrates the future of Corvette while also honoring its past.  Enjoy!!