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See How the C8 and C7 Corvette Size Compares

C8 Corvette size rendering
Image from MidEngine Corvette Forum

Different Shapes, Slightly Different Sizes

It’s often hard to tell how long a car in comparison to another unless they’re parked right next to each other. Well, with the animation rendering below, you can see how the C7 Corvette and C8 mid-engine Corvette stack up in terms of overall size. The rendering animation went up on MidEngine Corvette Forum and then spread like wildfire from there.

While the quality of the renderings isn’t great, what is impressive is how easy it is to see the size of the C8 next to the C7. The cars are similar in length but not the same, and the C7’s roof and rear window stick up higher than the C8. This is due to the long hood, slightly taller roof, and shorter distance the C7’s rear window has to slope down to the rear of the car.

Of course, there’s always the chance that the renderings aren’t accurate. If that were to be the case then the side by side comparison wouldn’t be too helpful. However, judging by spy shots, previous renderings, and the sizes of the cars represented in the rendering, we’d venture a guess that these are pretty accurate representations. 

The C8 Corvette’s official length is not known. However, the C7’s is about 177 inches. That’s a respectable length for the mid-engine car to be, too. It appears the mid-engine Corvette is a bit longer, but that shouldn’t hurt its performance overall. Chevrolet engineers and designers no doubt paid attention to the materials used in the car and will do everything their power to keep the curb weight down. Plus adding an inch or two to the car won’t make it feel large by any means. Hopefully, we’ll all find out the car’s official specs soon.