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Rob Dahm Takes A 1350HP C8 Corvette For A Test At The Dragstrip

Rob Dahm and the Top Gear team visited FuelTech USA in Ball Ground, Georgia, to take a look at one of the wildest C8 Corvettes in existence.. This Corvette is the first to complete the quarter mile in under nine seconds and boasts a dual turbocharger, a methanol fuel cell with nitrous, and a powerful 1,350+hp.

The video kicks off with a tour of the FuelTech shop, showcasing notable vehicles like a blown C5 and a Ferrari 355. It features a clip from the October ’21 record run, where the car achieves a remarkable 160.92 MPH and clocks in at 8.97 seconds. Dahm then conducts an interview with the driver, revealed to be Anderson Dick, a Brazilian immigrant and entrepreneur who fulfilled his American Dream by establishing FuelTech in 2003.

Following this, Rob and Anderson take the formidable C8 to Silver Dollar Motorsports Park to test it on the drag strip. While preparing the surface, Anderson explains the intricate transmission tuning—accelerating from a standstill to 3rd gear in just 2.8 seconds, all skillfully regulated by the FT vehicle module—to smoothly unleash almost 1,400 horsepower down the strip.