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Road & Track Says the C8 Corvette’s Transmission Will be Better Than What They Tested

The car the publication had was a pre-production model

C8 Corvette Transmission

Chevy Is Still Tweaking It

Road & Track had a 2020 Corvette Stingray to test. It was a pre-production model and the car didn’t win the publication’s Performance Car of the Year award. One of the main reasons the publication had for the car missing out on top honors was that the testers weren’t enamored with the dual-clutch transmission. 

However, in a new article by the publication, Chris Perkins notes that the car the testers drove was a pre-production car and the final product should be better and more refined than the one in the test car. At least that’s what Chevy told them at the time. 

It’s important to note that Chevy won’t make any huge changes to the transmission at this point. However, the company will work to smooth out and refine the transmission as much as possible. Glen Hoeflinn, controls program manager for the transmission told Road & Track this:

“Maybe you get some humpy-bumpy shifts here, you get a little bit of that there. That all gets refined out… It’s in final refinement, and then it’s in final checks and looking what we’re doing and making sure that it’s behaving exactly [how] we want.”

That’s encouraging for the C8 Corvette. If the car can’t win the Performance Car of the Year, there’s always a chance that it’ll win that award in the coming years with new versions of the car.