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Owner Adds Fantastic Fighter Jet Wrap to his C8 Corvette

The car was inspired by jets, so this is fitting

C8 Corvette with fighter jet wrap
Image from Faisal Rahman's Instagram

Turn on the Afterburners

The C8 Corvette’s engineers and designers have said before that they took inspiration for the C8 Corvette from military fighter jets. We can see that clearly, but with this creative wrap that one C8 Corvette owner had installed on his car, the comparison is even clearer.

The car you see above was originally white, but it has been transformed with a military aircraft-inspired wrap that makes it look like it has aluminum sheet metal that has been riveted together like an older fighter jet. The effect of the wrap is impressive. It somehow makes the C8 Corvette look even faster than it already is.

Fiasal Rahman is the owner of this car, and he started modifying the C8 basically as soon as he got it. According to Corvette Blogger, Rahman added a nitrous kit and was able to get the car to do a 10.9-second quarter-mile run. Here’s what Rahman had to say about his car:

“I can’t thank everyone enough that has been involved in this build from day one. This car has evolved so fast, in such a short time, due to the amazing sponsors that we have on board. Check out this insane transformation by @rennspecind they took my idea and brang it to life. @ticonindustries and @tt347gt killed the fab on the full titanium exhaust. @hp.motorsports_ has been a blessing with the support on the mechanical and @nitrousoutlet for supplying the parts for the dope to run threw this America muscle car veins.”