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Only 8.8 Percent of 2020 Corvettes Sold Outside of the U.S.

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Recently, the data came out about all of the 2020 Corvette production numbers. This included how cars were specced and what customers liked. GM Authority also notes that General Motors shared where the cars sold. According to the numbers provided, 91.2 percent of the 2020 Corvettes sold went to U.S buyers. That left only 8.8 percent of the 2020 production cars to go to other markets.

Those other markets include Canada, the Middle East, and Mexico. Our Canadian friends ended up with the most Corvettes at 1,490. Then the Middle East with 162. Mexico was last, and it saw only 139 cars. There were far more coupes sold than convertibles, but this is hardly surprising considering how the 2020 Corvette coupe and convertibles were rolled out.

This makes it clear that the C8 Corvette will be rare in these markets. This should help drive future demand and we would imagine that General Motors will seek to expand global sales of the C8 Corvette in the 2021 model year. It only makes sense for the company to do so. The car is in high demand, and GM will be adding new markets in 2021, including Japan and Australia. It will be interesting to see the breakdown of sales for 2021.