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The 2020 Production Data Is in

Here's the Breakdown

The 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette in Sebring Orange.
The 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette in Sebring Orange.

How Many and What Kind of 2020 Corvette

As Chevrolet gets close to wrapping up production for the 2020 model year, the National Corvette Museum has released the official production statistics for the 2020 Corvette. 

Production for the 2020 model year is expected to end on December 7th as long as there are no more disruptions. Chevrolet’s official count of 2020 Corvettes is 20,368. This number does not include pre-production saleable units that were built before February.

The breakdown in terms of 2020 models was 82.4 percent coupe and 17.6 percent Convertible. The Z51 Performance Package was added to 76 percent of all Corvettes produced this year. The 3LT package was the most popular in terms of trim packages. Apparently, 46.8 percent of buyers sprung for the options. The next highest was the 2LT at 39.1 percent. Then the 1LT trim package at 14.4 percent.

Here’s a look at the color breakdown, according to Corvette Blogger:

  1. Torch Red – 5,137 (25%)
  2. Arctic White – 3,098 (15%)
  3. Black – 2,383 (11.7%)
  4. Sebring Orange – 1,377 (6.8%)
  5. Elkhart Lake Blue – 1,369 (6.7%)
  6. Rapid Blue – 1,243 (6%)
  7. Ceramic Matrix Gray – 1,216(5.97%)
  8. Blade Silver – 1,130 (5.55%)
  9. Shadow Gray – 1,111(5.45%)
  10. Long Beach Red – 1,068 (5.25%)
  11. Accelerate Yellow – 688 (3.38%)
  12. Zeus Bronze – 548 (2.69%)

Additionally, the E60 Front Lift was selected by 58 percent of owners, FE4 Magnetic Ride went to 54 percent of the cars, and the GT2 seats were selected by 61.6 percent of buyers.

The most popular wheels were the Carbon Flash Open-Spoke wheels with 41.7 percent of buyers getting it and 36.9 percent going with Bright Silver versions. The Black Trident wheels were selected by 13.7 percent of buyers, and the Spectra Gray Trident wheels accounted for 11.9 percent. Only 9.4 percent of buyers went with the Sterling Silver Trident Wheels.

You can check out all of the stats by clicking here.