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New C8 Corvette Accessories from Racing Sport Concepts are Here

Update Your C8

Add to Your C8 Corvette

If you’re one of the lucky gents or ladies who has a C8 Corvette in your garage right now, then you should consider updating your car with some accessories from Racing Sport Concepts. 

The accessories will had carbon fiber versions of OEM parts. This makes you C8 Corvette stand out even more from the other cars on the road and will set you apart from the rest of the C8 Corvette owners out there.

Racing Sport Concepts just released its new set of accessories and here’s a look at what the company offers:

  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers – $895 a pair
  • Carbon Fiber Front Intake Vents – $995 a pair
  • Carbon Fiber Engine Hatch Vents – $995 a pair
  • Carbon Fiber Side Engine Intake Vents – $1,295 a pair
  • Carbon Fiber High Wing Spoiler – $1,895

These accessories should add some additional visual flair to your C8 Corvette. if you’re interested in seeing more information about these products or for purchasing info, check out Racing Sport Concept’s website