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Movie “The Batman” to Feature a Corvette as Bruce Wayne’s Daily Driver

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The Batman Corvette

A Beautiful Black Vette for the Batman

Everyone knows the Batmobile is a killer car, but what does Batman drive when he’s not out fighting crime? He can’t rock something as dull as an accord. In the movie “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson, when the character isn’t donning his Batsuit, he will be driving a C2 Corvette around.

Recently, in a video that was posted to Twitter (embedded below), Pattinson can be seen exiting a black C2 Corvette in London while on the set. This would suggest that he will be driving the car as the character’s daily driver. This, we think, is a great car for the public version of the masked superhero.

While the C2 is a fantastic car for Bruce Wayne, if the people filming the movie had asked us, we might have suggested the C3. There’s something special about the curves of that car that we think would have suited Bruce Wayne even better than the C2 you see in the video below.

Twitter user @DrawingMJ also posted a close-up photo of the car. The shot was of the rear of the car. The license plate reads “Y29 1XL.” It’s unclear if that is significant to the film or not. You can see the photo as it was used as the hero image of this article.