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Mecum Houston 2024: CorvSport Ranks The Worst To Best Selling Generations

The best-selling generations may surprise you... and why did the C8 Z06s and E-Rays fall flat?

The C4 kicked butt at Mecum Houston!

In January of this year, Mecum made another pilgrimage to rural Florida and erased any doubt about who the new king of collector car auctions was. These Kissimmee numbers are why Mecum dubbed themselves the “undisputed” champion of collector car auctions, and CorvSport agrees wholeheartedly.

  • $275,000,000: Most dollars ever achieved at a collector car auction
  • 4,383: Most vehicles ever offered at a collector car auction
  • Three consecutive years of $200,000,000 plus results: Most consistent success for any collector car auction

And here’s a recap of how remarkable Mecum is for Corvettes and why CorvSport follows this auction closely:

  • Kissimmee 2024: 527 Corvettes offered with 72% selling
  • Glendale 2024: 136 Corvettes offered with 64% selling
  • Houston 2024: 83 Corvettes offered with 71% selling

I used to be dazzled and mesmerized by the bright lights of Barrett-Jackson, but Mecum has snuck up on them and clearly taken the reins in ten rounds. So, without further ado, let’s take a dive into the 83 Corvettes from all eight generations that made their way to Houston, Texas, earlier this month.


8th Generation: 27.3% Sold

  • C8s Offered: 11
  • C8s Sold: 3 (all Stingrays)
  • Most Notable Activity: Out of 5 Z06s and 2 E-Rays, NONE sold. 75% of the Stingrays sold!
  • Most Expensive C8 Sale: $106,700 (click here to see the full listing)


2nd Generation: 44.4% Sold

  • C2s Offered: 9
  • C2s Sold: 4
  • Most Notable Activity: A 1963 327/340 HP Convertible that sold for only $44,000 (click here to view)
  • Most Expensive C2 Sale: $79,200 (click here to see the full listing)


1st Generation: 50% Sold

  • C1s Offered: 4
  • C1s Sold: 2
  • Most Notable Activity: The custom 1960 that brought $181,500 was the top seller for all Corvettes
  • Most Expensive C1 Sale: $181,500 (click here to see the full listing)


6th Generation: 71.4% Sold

  • C6s Offered: 7
  • C6s Sold: 5
  • Most Notable Activity: A 2009 GT1 Championship Edition that hammered for $48,400 (click here to view)
  • Most Expensive C6 Sale: $77,000 (click here to see the full listing)


5th Generation: 81.8% Sold

  • C5s Offered: 11
  • C5s Sold: 9
  • Most Notable Activity: An all-original base 2000 Convertible with 601 miles that sold for $40,700 (click here to see this head-scratcher)
  • Most Expensive C5 Sale: $42,900 (click here to see the full listing)


3rd Generation: 83.3% Sold

  • C3s Offered: 24
  • C3s Sold: 20
  • Most Notable Activity: The whole lineup was impressive, with only 4 C3s going unsold.
  • Most Expensive C3 Sale: $63,800 (click here to see the full listing)

#1 (tie)

7th Generation: 100% Sold

  • C7s Offered: 3 (all Z06s)
  • C7s Sold: 3
  • Most Notable Activity: The units offered were low, but the C7 Z06 proved to be popular in Houston!
  • Most Expensive C7 Sale: $115,500 (click here to see the full listing)


4th Generation: 100% Sold

  • C4s Offered: 14
  • C4s Sold: 14
  • Most Notable Activity: A 1991 ZR1 that hammered for only $18,700, but the biggest head-scratcher was a 1996 automatic (non-LT4) Coupe with 19,835 miles that sold for a whopping $33,000 (click here to view)
  • Most Expensive C4 Sale: $44,000 (click here to see the full listing)

Wait, did the C4 just win? What a remarkable showing by the fourth-generation Corvette! And what remarkable numbers for our beloved Corvette at Mecum. If you want to keep up to date with all the fresh Corvette news and maintain a pulse on the lifestyle and culture of this exciting, iconic brand, CorvSport has the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 173,000 followers (54,000 since January 2023!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.