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Market Alert: Every Used C8 At One Dealer Under MSRP, Top 5 Cheapest In Country

Check out one dealer who is having a Christmas blowout, and CorvSport has found the Top 5 cheapest used C8s

You know we’re in a crazy Corvette market when it’s news for a dealer to proudly announce that all their used C8s are under the brand-new price, but that’s where we are. As I scroll through multiple Corvette social media pages daily, the sentiment that the C8 market is finally cooling off seems to be the consensus. Recently, notable enthusiast Mike from the Brink of Speed YouTube channel went to Corvette World, where all their used C8s are for sale under MSRP.

This Exchange Summarizes the Dynamic Perfectly

Top 5 Cheapest Used C8s In The Country

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2022 1LT Coupe with 18,773 miles and 2 owner/1 accident history report


2020 1LT Coupe with 25,000 miles and 2 owner/0 accident history report


2021 1LT Coupe with 10,249 miles and 3 owner/0 accident history report


2020 1LT Coupe with 30,856 miles and 1 owner/0 accident history report

#1 at $62,000

2020 2LT Coupe with 46,000 miles and 2 owner/2 accident history report

As you can see, there are still no clean titled used C8s in the $50k range, which is surprising given we are heading into the fifth year of production. After all, the base MSRP for a 1LT Coupe in 2020 was only $59,995. Which of the top 5 would you pick if you had $65,000 to blow? We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 164,000 followers (45,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.

Editor’s Note: CorvSport does not have any affiliation with the sellers featured, nor were we compensated for covering them.

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