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Mark Your Calendar: The C8 Corvette Convertible Will Debut October 2


An Early October Reveal

Chevrolet recently sent out private invites to the reveal of the C8 Corvette Convertible at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The car will be revealed on the evening of October 2. According to Corvette Blogger, the automaker not only sent out invites but included various images on different social media accounts.

The information on the invite said the following:

In July, Chevrolet put the supercar world on notice by introducing the mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe. On Oct. 2, 2019, we’ll unveil what that same Stingray can do with its top down – and you’re invited!

Convertibles have always been in Corvette’s DNA as the iconic sports car was first introduced as a convertible in 1953. Sixty-six years later, Chevy will proudly build upon that legacy and introduce the most exotic and functional Corvette convertible yet!

Unfortunately, the event is invite-only, so if you didn’t receive one, then you will not be invited to the party.

One of the graphics posted shows the C8 Corvette Convertible’s silhouette. The graphic shows that the car will have some fairly pronounced buttresses behind the cabin. Those buttresses probably hide the folded roof and provide some structural rigidity.

We can’t wait to see the convertible model and see how the roof operates. It’s unclear at this time if Chevy will live stream the reveal of the car. It would make sense to do so, but we have seen no word yet that it will happen.