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The LT5 Is Now a Supercharged Crate Engine

1973 Chevelle Laguna SEMA show car
Chevrolet’s racing-inspired 1973 Chevelle Laguna SEMA show car showcases the new LT5 crate engine, which is rated at 755 hp and 715 lb.-ft. of torque.

The Massive Powerplant Behind the New ZR1 Is About To Be Available as a Crate Engine!

Chevrolet has always produced powerful-yet-affordable engines for the aftermarket automotive community.  For decades, the Chevy small-block engine has been recognized as one of the most reliable powerplants for producing big power, even on a budget.  When it was first introduced in the 1990’s, the LS engine became so popular that enthusiasts have used this Chevy engine in almost everything – including swapping them into Ford Mustangs!

Now, Chevrolet Performance has announced that its newest crate engines are about to go on display at the SEMA Show from October 30 – November 2, 2018, and each will be showcased in one of three classic Chevrolet vehicles.

The lineup of engines (and their respective vehicles) include:

  • A 1973 Chevelle Laguna paired with the all-new LT5 6.2L supercharged crate engine
  • A 1967 C/10 paired with the all-new ZZ6 EFI 5.7L V-8 crate engine
  • A 1978 Silverado paired with the L96 6.0L V-8 crate engine.

1973 Chevelle Laguna / LT5 6.2L Supercharged

When first introduced in 1973, the Chevelle Laguna brought sporty, more contemporary styling to the platform.  The car featured body-color urethane fascias in both the front and rear of the car (replacing the chrome bumpers from earlier model years).  The car proved to be a winner on the racetrack, enabling NASCAR driver Cale Yarborough to reach the winner’s circle that same year.

The car’s commercial and racing successes in the 1970’s inspired the build of the show car for the 2018 SEMA show.

LT5 6.2L Supercharged Crate Engine
The LT5 6.2L Supercharged Crate Engine.

Recognizing that this Chevelle’s earlier popularity evolved from its racing heritage, Chevrolet’s designers made the decision to showcase the supercharged LT5 6.2 Liter crate engine at the heart of this build.  This LT5 engine is based on the exact same engine that powers the 2019 Corvette ZR1.  It is the most powerful engine ever built by Chevrolet, producing 755 horsepower and 715 lb.-ft of torque.  The engine also features Chevrolet’s first dual-fuel system.  The dual-fuel system utilizes direct injection and supplementary port injection.  Additionally, it includes a larger-displacement supercharger to boost the engine’s air intake.

To pair the new engine to the classic Chevelle, Chevrolet designers adapted the production carbon fiber hood design from the ZR1 and incorporated it into the Chevelle Laguna. Other enhancements to the Laguna included the addition of front and rear spoilers, both of which were inspired by the NASCAR race cars from the early Seventies.  The car rides on a modified suspension platform and now features 18-inch wheels.

2019 Corvette ZR1
The LT5 6.2L Supercharged engine made its debut in the 2019 Corvette ZR1 earlier this year. The 755 HP Monster is stronger and faster than any Chevy small-block in the history of the brand!

In reality, Chevrolet could have showcased this engine in just about any platform, as this engine is the real star of the show.  Considering that this LT5 is the most powerful engine Chevrolet has ever built,  Chevrolet could put this engine into any vehicle and it would still garner the same level of attention.  However, incorporating it into the Chevelle Laguna proves the adaptability of this platform beyond its obvious inclusion in the 2019 Corvette ZR1.

1967 C/10 / ZZ6 EFI

1967 C10 Pickup
While this 1967 C10 Pickup is not the example that will be introduced at SEMA later this month, it’s not hard to imagine that the final product will look something like this.

The classic C/10 pickup that helped Chevrolet commemorate 100 years of building trucks will be the second of Chevy Performance’s custom builds, and this one will showcase the new ZZ6 EFI crate engine.

Combining the drivability advantages of electronically controlled fuel injection with the classic style and installation versatility of the 350 small-block engine, Chevrolet Performance’s new ZZ6 EFI crate engine kits offer a “best of both worlds” solution for hot rod and resto-mod projects.  A fuel injection throttle body mounted in place of the carburetor allows a traditional air cleaner to be installed on the engine. The result is a great, traditional appearance and all the drivability advantages of EFI along with the muscle of 420 horsepower.

Like the ZZ6 EFI, the 1967 C/10 show vehicle’s classic style is complemented with modern hot rod touches, including a lowered suspension, 20-inch wheels, smoothed and customized bumpers and tailgate, and a custom-trimmed interior.

1978 K10 Silverado / L96

1978 K10 Silverado
This 1978 Chevy K10 Silverado was introduced at the 2013 SEMA show and showcased another new (in 2013) Chevy crate motor.

Chevrolet’s 1978 K10 Silverado concept blends the classic, two-tone styling of the “square box” generation with the modern performance enabled by an LS engine swap — the heavy-duty truck-based L96 crate engine.

Rated at 360 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque, the electronically controlled, fuel-injected L96 offers greater power than the Big Block engines of the square box era, despite being a lighter, more compact package. The engine is paired in the concept vehicle with an electronically controlled four-speed overdrive automatic transmission, for a combination that exemplifies today’s popular trend of adapting modern Chevrolet LS and LT propulsion systems in vintage vehicles.

“Inside and out, the black-and-red Silverado 4×4 looks factory-fresh, with a frame-off restoration that was completed at General Motors’ Milford Proving Ground. It’s a period look driven by modern technology.”  –Afaf Farah, Chevrolet Executive of Marketing and Motorsports

Chevrolet hasn’t released pictures of the trucks yet, though we expect that they’ll surface on the internet before the SEMA show begins on October 30. 

Crate engines and more in new Chevrolet Performance catalog

These three latest engine platforms join a portfolio of more than fifty engines – including the Small Block, Big Block, LS, LSX, LT, Circle Track and COPO crate engines – all available from Chevrolet Performance.

“Chevrolet Performance’s expanding crate engine lineup offers something for every enthusiast and his or her dream project,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “That choice is matched with the peace of mind that comes only from factory-engineered systems tested to the same standards as production vehicles, for performance you can count on.”

Many Chevrolet Performance crate engines are offered as Connect & Cruise combinations and emissions-legal E-ROD systems. The innovative Connect & Cruise combos match crate engines with transmissions and the necessary controllers, while the E-ROD systems include emissions equipment that make them eligible for installation in millions of 1995-and-earlier vehicles in California.

For 2019, the supercharged LT4 E-ROD joins the lineup of LS3 E-ROD, LSA E-ROD and LT1 E-ROD systems.

In addition to crate engines, Chevrolet Performance also supports builders by offering them the complementing components to complete their builds, including:

  • Accessory drive kits
  • Fuel and spark components
  • Other parts that help complete an installation and get the engine running.

There is also an expanded range of transmissions, including the all-new 6L80-E six-speed automatic that’s designed for LS/LT engine swaps.

The complete lineup of crate engines, engine parts, transmissions and more is available in the 2019 Chevrolet Performance catalog, which is available from Chevrolet dealers or downloadable at

Source: Chevy Media