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Listen and Watch as Matt Farah Drives the 2020 Corvette Stingray at Thunderhill

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

He Can’t Disclose Driving Impressions Yet

You can tell a whole lot by watching and listening to the C8 Corvette in this video posted by Matt Farah. Farah gets to take the C8 Corvette out on Thunderhill West race track but driving impressions are under embargo until October 16th. To get around this, Farah simply drives the car with a camera focused on him and another on the track ahead of the car.

You can tell right away that the C8 Corvette handles extremely sharp. It’s a razor of a sports car slicing up the track like no other Vette before it. The vehicle sounds absolutely lovely, too. There’s the hearty growl of the big V8 engine. It’s not wildly loud, but you definitely hear it. We’d expect the car to be louder in person, but you can tell what’s there is all good noise.

Farah shows off his skills as a driver. While not a pro racer, he whips the car around the track with authority and shows off just how good it is in the hands of someone with some skill. Farah is one of the Performance Car of the Year judges for Road & Track magazine, which is one of the publications that got a C8 Corvette early on. If this video is any indication of what car will get the top pick, then we think the C8 will be the winner.