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Jim Mero Seeks to Clarify Comments on the C8 Corvette

Mid-Engine Corvette NCM Michelin Bash
The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette makes a surprise appearance at the 2019 NCM Michelin Bash!

He Says the C8 Will Be Better Than the C7

Yesterday we reported that Jim Mero, a former Chevy engineer who worked on multiple generations of the Corvette, said he was worried about the C8 Corvette during an interview on a podcast. He also discussed the move from a front engine layout to a mid-engine one. He said that it was not necessary to hit the performance goals Chevy had. GM executives still decided to move forward with the mid-engine layout switch.

His comments about the C8 spurred a storm of coverage and a few of the comments made over a large conversation about the car were written about by many publications. Mero decided he should clarify his remarks in a post on his website. In his response to the coverage, Mero still says the C7 Corvette beats most other sports cars it competes with and hints that there was no performance reason to switch to a mid-engine layout by showing an example of a shootout between the C7 Grand Sport and many other high-performance cars.

With that said, he does note that he thinks the C8 Corvette will be better than ever. Mero said,” … in my mind, every generation of Corvette was better than the generation before, and the C8 will be no different.” Mero suggests people listen to the podcasts if they believe he was trying to speak ill of the C8 Corvette. Mero made it clear he is excited for the C8 Corvette, but he still stands behind the comments he made.