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It Looks Like December 14 Will Start the New Model Year for Corvette

2021 Model Year Is About to Begin

More Great C8s Coming in 2021

C8 Corvette production has had its ups and downs this year. There have been a few COVID-19-related delays and 2020 has been less than smooth, but the Bowling Green production facility is moving right along. The target production week for the beginning of the 2021 model year Corvette is December 14. 

This is a week later than was expected not long ago. Before that, Chevrolet was hoping to have production wrapped up on 2020 models before December began. Things change, and this year has been one that’s hard to predict. At the moment dealers are reporting information to Corvette Blogger that shows a December 14 start date on 2021 production. 

While there’s always a chance that, too, could change. With that date being so close and the end of 2020 Corvette production being in sight, we’d be willing to bet the assembly plant will be able to hit that goal.

There have been no new news of parts distruptions, which are what led the plant to shut down temporarily in the past. It’s our guess that General Motors has worked out the kinks in the supply chain. Now it’s just up to the team at the plant to bust out the remaining C8 Corvettes for 2020 so they can move on the the 2021 model year cars.